Frequently Asked Questions

You're based in New York City. do you travel for jobs?

Yes we love to travel!  Assignments have taken us to Miami, Los Angeles, Aspen, Portland, Seattle, New England, Toronto, Paris, Guatemala, and Antigua. You can see some examples on any of our social media sites, linked on our about page.

What are your rates?

Start by filling out our contact form here, and we will be in touch via email to create a customized proposal for your project.

Where is your studio located?

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Do you provide hair and makeup services?

We can provide hair and makeup services through one of our professional partners. 

can you give me all of the images that you take?

The short answer is no. On any given job, I may take hundreds or thousands of images. I have spent over 10 years learning what goes into a great photo, and one of the things that you hire me for is my ability to cull my images and share only the best with you. We will work together to ensure that all of your photographic needs are met, and I am always open to input if you have specific moments or images that you would like to capture. 

WHY CAN't i get raw files of the photos?

A photo begins with the push of the shutter button, but it certainly doesn't end there. A raw image is essentially an unfinished product. Years of photographic editing experience has gone into creating the finished products you see here. Same goes for every other professional photographer you encounter. If a photographer offers you raw images, you should run the other way! A photographer offering you a raw image is like a gourmet baker handing you butter and flour and telling you to make it yourself.  

but i look perfect as is!

We agree! But even the best images will need some retouching - from color correction, to adjusting the white balance, to cropping out the drunk intern dancing in the corner at your company Christmas party (we hope you checked her ID before handing over the eggnog!). We love capturing the unique look and feel of each photographic subject in the very best light possible, and one of the tools at our disposal is retouching.